Tuesday, November 15, 2005

BEWARE! This post contains the (belated and retro) Hottie of the week

I thought I should include a warning for those who have found my hottie of the week post's to be well...sexist.

So here I am! I figured if I could take time to read and comment on other blogs I could take a few and post on my own.

Also, I have a gross kitchen to clean up and I don't wanna.

On to the hottie. This week's Hottie of the Week posting is going to go a little retro. Back to that golden decade.. the 80's...when nobody put Baby in a corner (hint! hint!) This week we recognize a man who could take out Yankee forces with only one fully functioning leg....a man who made millions of teenage girls want to dance with boys in such a naughty way...a man who was by far one of the sexiest ghosts that I personally have ever seen....a man whose woman was Tyler with whom he shared time...

Without further ado I present this Retro Hottie of the week....PATRICK SWAYZE.

A shout out to my good friend Poopie (don't ask just accept) who gave the idea and inspiration for this week's hottie. My partnah in watching a bazillion hours of the North and South trilogy while our husbands do their Geek Thang.


Ted Carter said...

Don't forget he's also the man who delivered the best movie line ever:

"Pain don't hurt."


Utah said...

Mr. Peabody: Let's step into the Wayback Machine, Sherman, and go to a time many decades ago when Patrick Swayze's tight pants did not show off the unsightly lines of adult diapers.

Sherman: Gosh, Mr. Peabody, this Patrick Swayze sounds like an old man.

Mr. Peabody: He is, Sherman, and any influence on American cinema the man had vanished the moment he thought he could pull off an entire movie as a drag queen.