Wednesday, November 30, 2005

No clever title today

Not much to report today. We are busy turning the homestead into Birthday Central. Number 1 turns 8 this Friday. Those who know number 1, know that she can be a bit shy and standoffish at times. When she has important information however she will share it with anyone who will listen. This evening we had several errands to run, and Number 1 felt that every cashier we encountered needed to be informed that her birthday is Friday and she will be 8 years old.

Every single one.

Four total.

Five if you count the guy at Sam's club who checks your cart contents against your receipt before you leave the store.

So my next few days will be filled with baking cupcakes for the "Friend Party", cookies to take to school Friday, Pumpkin bread for the breakfast in bed on your birthday tradition we have at our house, and a cake in the shape of a horse for the family party.

The theme this year is horses in case you had not guessed.

I will be throwing two parties on Saturday, here's hoping I stay healthy. I have been sick on party day the last three years. I have yet to beat the year I did two parties in one day while sporting a 102 degree fever. That was the day I officially earned Supermommy stripes. Or crazy in the head mommy stripes. Depends on who you ask.

Fair warning...

Please be prepared for a post lamenting the fact that my oldest child is 8, and reminiscing on the day of her birth. (Maybe, that one is tough.)



Ted Carter said...

I assume Jeff told you we'll be out of town this weekend, and so we'll miss the party. We'll make it up to her, though!

Ali said...

Betty Crocker has nothin' on you, woman! Damn that's a lot of baking.

Missy said...

I know! I am totally cheating with the cookies, they are place and bake. The cakes and the bread are from mixes so it's not like they are terribly complicated, it just takes time to bake. Decorating the horse shaped cake will be what lowers me to massive cursing. But I LOVE it.