Friday, November 04, 2005

I think this is what they call one of them there "senior moments."

So I am on my way back to the office from a therapy appointment that stood me up. I am listening to the radio, and amazingly enough I was able to stay on the same station for more than 5 minutes. Not happening to me very often since I lost my beloved 97.3 the Planet.

Anyway as I am driving "Head Like a Hole" comes over the airways and I am instantly transported back a "few" years to my freshman year of college, when this song along with the old standard "Beers Steers and Queers" by the world famous band the Revolting Cocks were staples at the club my posse and I used to frequent in Lawrence. Ahhh the good old days of dancing and drinking at

I can NOT remember the name of that club to save my life.

Please help me.

Poopie...I know you have the answer to this one so please respond. (Anyone else who remembers is welcome to help too.)

Respond soon or else I might well drive myself crazy.


Ted Carter said...

I told Poopie to respond. I think she's blog-shy.

Missy said...

I know she is, but it will be ok this one time.