Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fall Color...It's a Good Thing

My job requires that I do quite a bit of driving around town. As I have been making my daily treks across our "fair" city it has come to my attention that we have some gorgeous fall color going on around here right now.

If you have the time may I suggest taking a drive down Burlingame Rd? The trees along the stretch that begins at about 27th street and on past 29th has some beautiful looking trees right now.

Going along I-470 there is also a beautiful stretch of trees around the 21st St exit to the Gage Blvd exit.

When I was a kid every year around the end of October we would take a trip to visit my great-grandparents who lived in Joplin and Webb City, Missouri. For those who are not familiar with that area it is quite near the Ozarks, not far from Branson. We made our trek at that time specifically to see the trees. So a love of fall colors was instilled in me early on.

Unfortunately we generally don't have the time to take a road trip to "see the trees." So I am glad that we have our fair share of autumn beauty right down the street.

So I encourage you all! Take a drive! Find pretty trees and leaves! Press them in a book! Make imprints with crayons and construction paper like we did in grade school! Find some clear contact paper and make some placemats!

In short...get your Martha Stewart on!


Ted Carter said...

I've been feeling the need to head out to the old State Hospital Grounds and check out the trees; they're usually amazing out there this time of year. Hopefully I will get out there before it's too late.

Ali said...

New York City doesn't have trees. Unless you count the concrete ones.