Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2 YEARS!!!!

Woo Hoo! I made it to the two year mark at my job as of today.

Know what? I am not even looking for anyplace else to work. This is a first for me. The agency sent a beautiful peace lily to me today to honor the occasion. That kind of made me laugh as that is a plant typically sent as a gesture of sympathy. Next paycheck they will also begin giving me 12 hours a month vacation time. Yeah!!

In other news...I can not remember when I last had a stretch of evenings that have been as unproductive as the last four have been. It is critical. I have felt really worn down and tired this week. My eating habits have been terrible and exercise is not happening. All of which leads to more lethargy. Not sure what is up with me. I think part of my problem is a new laptop to play with and a game on it called Mahjong Titans that I am pretty damn addicted to.

I may have to have BH hide the computer until I get myself back on track. I got laundry in baskets that hasn't been put away. (Truth time: this is not exactly an uncommon occurrance. I once told BH that my Utopia would be for the laundry to be clean, folded, AND put away before I go to bed Sunday evening. Needless to say I am not living in a Utopian society most weeks.) A house that is horribly dirty, still haven't finished transferring the old to the new computer...oh there are lots of other things but I think I have bored you enough.

On a positive note I DID bake about a million (read 2.5 dozen) miniature heart shaped chocolate chip muffins for #2's Valentine party tomorrow. From scratch! Using primarily organic products!
All is not lost yet!!

Now since it is nearly 11:00 PM CST I guess I should put this baby to bed and make lunches for tomorrow.


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