Tuesday, February 19, 2008

End of the reprieve

This week marks the return to life even more hectic as we know it.

BH is holding auditions for the spring play this week and we are already feeling the difference in schedule around here.

Y'see since the musical ended right before Thanksgiving, BH has been picking the kids up as soon as they are out of school and coming home to accomplish things like chores, homework, and having dinner on the table when I get home. Sometimes children were even bathed by the time I got home. It makes a big difference 'round here let me tell ya.

Now we are back to some nights not even walking through the door until 6, or almost 7 on my late nights at work. Then it is a mad scene of whip cracking, nagging, whining, and crying to get everything done and everyone in bed before 8:30. Something gets left out almost every evening despite our efforts. When you live in The Land of Those Who Must be in Bed With Lights Out at 8:30, walking in the door to start your evening at 6:30 is really late. I can say that even in this first week our eating out count has raised significantly, and the house is trashed. My level of cranky is creeping up the charts too. Don't even ask about my level of tired. It makes me too sad.

So to cope I am trying to break this period of craziness in to pieces. We just have to make it 3.5 weeks and then a week off for spring break! (I'm off the whole week too! Yippee!!) Then only three weeks more until the show is O-V-E-R!! So see it is really only two three week stints. We can handle that right???

We gotta figure out a way out of this eating out thing. It kills my waistline and my bank account. I wish I could remember those things more readily when I am pulling into that drive-thru, or dialing the phone for pizza delivery, but I am afraid fatigue and feeling as if there is no way I can face cooking and cleaning up a meal wins out waaaayyy too often.

I think I need some superpowers.


The Girl in Black said...

My condolences on the dinnertime choices. I live in the House of Unwanted Leftovers (HUL, hell? Some days it is hard to discern).

One way I've been able to trick my oldest child into eating leftovers is to portion them out, then freeze. Then he can pull out an individual meal, nuke it, and not complain of fast food.

I'll usually bake off a lasanga or ziti dish on a Friday night or Saturday morning at home (he doesn't eat meat, either, so we have variations on the pasta-and-sauce theme). Once it cools, cut and store in tupperware.

Another popular choice is the enchilada casserole. Just tear up the tortillas into quarter-sized pieces, and layer the meat and cheese. I use black beans, garbanzos, spanish rice, peas and corn as my "meat" mix.

Good luck!

Woman with a Hatchet said...


Wiggles crockpot at you.

Crockpots: Not just for Teh Crazies.