Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Attention TWHS theater geeks (and you know who you are!)

Anyone going to this reunion thing in March?


BH and I will be there.

It is on my birthday so I am excited just to have plans for the first time in ..... in.....

Now that is just sad.


Dan G said...

A little late responding to this post, but I had to finalize my plans: I'll be there. And you better believe that I'll be glomming on to you and BH (can I call him BH?) as a social crutch.

Missy said...

I was beginning to think that BH (you can call him BH, just remember that he is MINE!)and I were going to be on our own. Please glom on to us. Maybe we can give you a ride or something. Will the Missus be joining you?

Dan G said...

The missus isn't coming. We could barely afford for me to come alone. I'll let you know about the ride. I may be able to borrow my mom's car. Maybe when you have a chance you can email me your phone number.

Missy said...

I will send that # soon. Too bad it is a solo trip. We like the Missus. (And you too.)