Saturday, February 09, 2008

How does this picture frigthen me? Let me count the ways..

And it ain't just because he's a Republican, or Pube as my good friend Dan would say. I have decided I like Pube much better than Republican so I have decided to make use. Hopefully Dan won't mind. He looks completely evil to me in this picture and I fear for the baby held ever so awkwardly in his arms.

On the Democratic end of things...
Apparently our fabulous and certainly World Famous Topeka Capital Journal seems to be running a contest to see who can capture the most disturbing photo of political figures. Now this picture is not so much disturbing as it is misleading..

If you happened to see video footage of this moment you would know that instead of getting ready for some heavy duty making out, Governor Sebelius and Senator Obama were merely giving each other a quick peck on the cheek. This however was the photo chosen for the front page the day after he visited Kansas.


Woman with a Hatchet said...

OK, so who's the crazy Pube (nice!) in the top pic? And who in their right mind would hand their infant off to him? Was something thinking "Let's do something trite! Quick! Grab an infant!" Or what?

Y'know, Obama looks pretty cute in the bottom pic, but I wonder if they photoshopped him and your gov?

I've been avoiding all news recently, so I must also have Electile Dysfunction. But caucus was fun!

Missy said...

The top pic is Huckabee.

It is possible that they photoshopped it, my husband and I wondered if the local paper was trying to stir something up.