Saturday, February 09, 2008

I think I have this...

I think I have finally found a word to define my state of mind this election season.

In my eagerness for a new administration I really thought that I would be more excited about the upcoming election, however I just find myself to be unimpressed and uninspired.

I am somewhat embarassed to admit that I skipped the caucus this week for several reasons, but mainly due to my lack of enthusiasm for this race so far.

I first thought it was due to a gross overload of discussion regarding the campaigns. I am not sure that they even give air time to any other subject on NPR anymore.

As is my usual way, after taking time to let my thoughts and feelings percolate I have come to the conclusion that my lack of enthusiasm and indecision has to do with my likely somewhat ridiculous belief that no matter who wins in the end I will be disappointed by them.

I do think that I am having at least a leaning towards one candidate now which is progress I guess.

Anyone else suffer from this disorder?

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