Thursday, April 22, 2010


#1 will be making the transition from elementary school to middle school next year.

I don't need to expound any more about fears and anxities.

Let's talk instead about my immense distaste for crying in public.

With the abovementioned transition comes the obligatory ceremonies and celebrations.

All to remind me that my baby is not a baby anymore and soon she will be a grownup and move away and and and and....


Tonight I successfully made it through her final elementary school orchestra concert. This was really not difficult at all beause first, she will continue to play next year so it is not her last concert ever. Two: they made no mention of this being the last show for the 6th graders, so there was no trigger there either.

In a few weeks however will be the dreaded promotion ceremony.

Oy. I get teary just thinking about it.

This disturbs me greatly. I HATE crying in public.

I know I know, I am a therapist I should be comfortable with expression of emotion, blah, blah, blah.

At any rate it doesn't change the fact that I prefer my most profound emotional expressions to be in a private arena.

I am on the committee for the promotion celebrations, and so will have some work to do to keep me distracted, but all of that work is pre and post ceremony. There is nothing to keep me distracted during the ceremony when the power point with baby pictures comes up and all that other goodbye stuff.

Those baby pictures come on and somebody better pass the puffs.

Maybe I will use the ol' Twitter account and tweet my way through it.

(I would never be that rude, by the way!)

Maybe I better just get used to the idea that I am prolly gonna cry and I likely won't be the only parent to do so and it is ok.

I still hate it.

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