Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pet Healthcare Reform Needed Here AND I now am diagnosing cat anxiety.

We have had more pet health issues in the past year than I can recount at this point.

I don't think I would be in danger of exaggerating if I were to say that I bet we have not gone longer than two months without a vet visit.

We will be making another visit for our middle cat, who seems to have some serious anxiety issues.

Because ceiling fans are evil dastardly beasts that are out to get her!

This means she won't come upstairs.

Which means eating and drinking has likely been limited, and don't get me started on the pee...

I think she should meet criteria for Kitty Prozac. Serious anxiety that is impairing her ability to carry out daily functions.

That is my professional opinion and I am sticking to it.

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