Monday, April 19, 2010

Teen Angst

So #1 is going to be a teenager soon-ish.

I can not honestly say that I am excited about this.

Unfortunately #1 is not excited about it either.

She really has nothing good to say about aging. This has become somewhat bothersome to her father and I.

Right now #1 seems only able to focus on what she can no longer do because she is getting older, and sees no benefit to becoming a teenager at this point.

This MIGHT be a teeny bit our fault. Maybe.

Could it be that she took all of our tease intended moaning and groaning about having a teenager to heart?

OR is it that we are just having a hard time figuring out how to let her grow up?

The world is scary. There are scary people out there who want to do bad things to unsuspecting young girls.

#1 is cursed with an anxious mother who has a unique ability to ferret out every possible danger out there.

I am finding it REALLY REALLY hard to decide what freedoms are ok. I have to sort through all my anxiety and be REASONABLE for God's sake.

That is a lot of work my friends. You just have no idea.

BUT the good news is that I am working on it.

This weekend BH and I were able to nail down a few perks and incentives to help #1 see some benefit from growing up.

The incentive package was small, but well received.

Baby steps to teenagedom.

Did I also mention that I have recently discovered several new gray hairs?

Wonder if there is any correlation here?

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Shari said...

I think grey hair comes with children. It's hard to let them grow up. I feel that way now and our girls are only 6.