Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ready to exorcise the demon

Holy shit I hate trying to by a car.

I um have been a bit occupied, nay obsessed by the notion. (I wish I knew how to do that strike through the word thing that the cool bloggers do. I don't have many appropriate occasions, but this was one of those times. If you know how to do it please educate the ignorant, err.. one who wants to be in the know.)

I have now test driven 6 different cars. Yes you read that correctly 6.

I have pretty much officially ruled out 4 of the 6. 3 SUVs and one car that while fun and sporty, was just a wee bit too small.

I had high hopes for one of the SUVs last weekend, but they would not come down a measly $1000 so we had to say no. However apparently the salesperson was a toddler. Or at least it felt that way to me, as I had to explain about 200 times that unless they came down that measly $1000 we could not buy the car. Not didn't want to, COULD.NOT. No matter how great the deal was it was still $1000 more than we could pay. I was about to go all preschool teacher on the dude, but he finally got the message.

So I have officially ruled out SUVs. I originally wanted one because I thought I might get a third row of seating, but those are out of my price range. If I can't get the extra seating, then it is a bit hard to justify the purchase for me.

I am now looking at Sedans.


So. Boring.

So....not me.

The problem is I grew up in a family with some pretty serious car guys. I paid attention enough to develop a strong affinity for sports cars. I have had the privilege of owning two.

My favorite....was a 1988 red Dodge Daytona. 5-speed, turbo engine. God I loved that car. Bought it my sophomore year of college, and gave it up not long after #1 was born. Her car seat did not fit well in the rear bucket seats and trying to wrangle her in and out of it was a chore.

So I delved in to the land of the 4-door sedan, and there I am apparently going to stay for the forseeable future.

I have found a couple that don't look like something my grandma would have driven, so that is helping.

Now I just have to make my decision and then go try to buy it.

Honest to Sweet Baby Jesus I would rather scoop my eyes out with a spoon and feed them to myself.

I do not do numbers. They freak me out. I get paralyzed and can't think when numbers and math get involved.

This is why I am a therapist. Limited if any math.

So when the sales person starts flinging those numbers around like it is nothing, my head starts to spin, and I become a robot, a really defensive and angry robot who is only capable of repeating the price BH and I agreed upon before we leave the house. I am sure that they are out to take horrible advantage of me and that coupled with my numbers phobia makes for some bad situations.

So I have been test driving cars, and deciding what I want. BH who could care less what he drives as long as it gets him where he is going is my numbers man.

I have almost done my part. Now it is BH's turn. I will strive not to be an angry defensive price spouting robot. I will be quiet bystander, who confers privately with her numbers man before making any statements during the negotiating process.

It is better for everyone.

Now I just want to get this done, so that I can get other things done.

Stay tuned.

Demon be GONE!

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