Monday, April 12, 2010

If we were on an episode of House I would have a tantrum until we got the full body scan

#2 is about to do me in.

For reasons I fail to comprehend she has to tell us about every little tweak, squeak, and possible malfunction her body makes.

This leads us to make very little of it when she complains about not feeling well.

This has lead to us blowing her off at times when she really was sick.

This has lead to me having one foot in the door of the looney bin.

Our latest issue(s) have been that good old standby the stomachache.

She complains that her stomach hurts, but it never seems to slow her down. (Except at those most opportune times such as chore time or getting ready for school in the morning.)

There is rarely if ever anything else that goes along with these stomachaches, such as diarrhea, vomiting, and the like.

So I give her a Tums, and send her on her merry way.

This child's eating habits as I have discussed numerous times on this blog are atrocious. I believe that these poor habits may indeed be part of her problem.

So I told her that I did some research about stomach problems and determined that what we needed to do was make sure that she was eating healthy food most if not all of the time.

This includes after school snack at grandparents homes. (A grandparent who shall remain nameless took her to McDonald's last week for a "snack" after school. The "snack" consisted of an ice cream cone AND a medium order of french fries. That is a crappy meal, not a snack. This happens more than once a week too. Makes my head EX-PLODE. Another grandparent who shall also remain nameless regularly makes a huge bowl of excessively buttered popcorn AND a bowl of ice cream for the "snack." Then has the audacity to comment on the fact that the child does not eat dinner. Makes me say BAD BAD BAD words. No amount of straightforward comments or requests to stop make a difference either. Not even if I say them while beating my head against a brick wall at the same time.)

So we are going to try eating healthy food for a while (Hoepfully. Maybe the threat of illness will help curb the grandparents ridculousness.) and see if that doesn't end the complaints. I am also insituting an early to bed rule on days that she complains of stomach problems. She needs rest so that she can get better.

If after a week or so we see no improvement, then I guess it is to the doctor we go.

I just hope this doesn't turn in to one of those my disbelief that there is truly an issue biting me in the ass situations.

Parenting is hard sometimes.

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Michelle said...

Oh, I so feel ya! We dealt with Z's stomach issues for years not knowing if they were legit because of their sporadic and generic nature. It took a while to figure out that there was, indeed, a medical cause. Even after treatment she still occasionally complains of a stomach ache (specifically, at chore time), so we've never fully outgrown that "is it real or imaginary" conundrum. I think you're on the right track by limiting the grandparent snacks (which we STILL have major issues with, too) and eating mostly healthy food. Good luck!