Sunday, December 18, 2011


That would be the oldest expiration date I found on something as I cleaned out the pantry this evening.

I am banning the purchase of crackers in this family.

Apparently we don't like them if the 3999 boxes of unopened/expired/and or stale ones I threw away are any indication.

Also, I am pledging here on this blog that I will never again purchase powdered sugar without first checking at home to be ABSOLUTELY UNDENIABLY POSITIVE that I have NONE in the house already. I am pretty sure I pitched at least 4 partially used bags of powdered sugar. Sadly this is not exaggeration. I have no explanation at all for how this powdered sugar situation came about. Clearly I have a problem.

Now I have a very clean and organized pantry.

I also have a rather empty looking pantry.

Which is sad after just completing a very expensive trip to the grocery store.

At least I know all the food in there is current.

It's the small things you know.

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