Saturday, December 17, 2011

JBTBH Version...oh who gives a *&%$?


So I have completed the last day of the first week of my re-started UH-gain journey.

It has been a successful week. WW went well. I had a couple days where I went slightly over points for the day, a couple days I was slightly under. A few right on target. Had a splurge today on a date with my honey, but am ending the week with still over half my weekly points unused, and no cashing in at all of the activity points I earned. I exercised for at least 45 minutes a pop for 6 days this week. My official weigh in is tomorrow, but as of this morning I was down 3 pounds. Let's hope that is what shows up on the scale tomorrow.

I didn't feel deprived, didn't feel too hungry, definitely increased my fruit and veggie intake, and best of all did not ever feel like throwing my computer as I entered my food, nor did I want to stab anyone eating good stuff with my fork.

Next week, I definitely need to have more, and a greater variety of fruits and veggies around the house. Next week is going to be tough with the holiday. There is going to be much more opportunity for eating too much of the wrong stuff. I am just gonna do my best and in all honesty if I can manage to maintain this coming week I will view it as a victory.

So there you have it. One week down and no one got hurt!

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