Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Gospel According to Babble Part Deux

If people followed my rules the world would be spectacular.

In my Utopian Society when one is counting and monitoring every bite of food they eat, EVERYONE in the house must restrict delicious desserts.

Like children who live in the same house and get taken out to dinner by their grandparents and bring home big ass chocolate brownies with hot fudge and cinnamon vanilla ice cream that they didn't have time to eat before they had to leave the restaurant.

FURTHERMORE if one of the above mentioned children takes one bite of delicious big ass chocolatey fudgy brownie and declares that she does't like it because it is "too chocolatey" and wishes to throw said brownie away, the parent of the lunatic child should not be held responsible for her actions.

In my vocabulary there is no such phrase as "Too Chocolatey." That is at the least crazy talk and at the worst blasphemy.

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