Monday, January 16, 2012


#1 and I decided that we needed a craft night.

Here is what I worked on

Here is #1's project

#1 isn't too fond of having her picture taken, so we'll just include her sweet, now nearly adult sized hand.


Anonymous said...

Great closeups. I like both. Lots of colors and things for the eye to wander over.

I like #2 slightly better. Great depth of field. Did you venture out into the A mode on this one and open up your aperture? If you didnt try it one time. Gives the great shallow focus area.

Oh yeah... and no use of the on board flash! Much warmer, more pleasant shots.

Missy said...

Thanks. I actually used auto with these shots. I am working up towards using different modes on the camera. I will try opening up the aperture and see what happens. I am starting to feel more brave and adventurous as I go along.

I liked #2 better too. Now if I could just get my kid to agree to be in the photo full on.