Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fuzzy on Fuzzy

So winter decided to appear today.
I chose to respond by putting fuzzy socks on over my regular socks, then encasing those socks in my super fancy fuzzy Christmas slippers.

Then I chose to take a suggestion by Anonymous and shoot in A mode.

Wonder what tomorrow's photo will bring....


Anonymous said...

Nice shot. You get good quick shooting in A mode.

Try shooting a teddy bear or stuffed animal head on and play with the aperture some. (stuffed animals don't complain about their bad side)

Try ripping it wide open,(small #'s), keep the same position and then open it up a few positions. You will get a feel for how fast you loose the fuzzy background.

Sorry, am I getting annoying yet?

Anonymous said...

I love picture viewing. I always wonder what the photographer sees that I don't or do we see the same thing? I will follow and enjoy your blog. :)

Missy said...

Not annoyed at all! Glad to get suggestions, since I am really new to any type of photography that is more than point and shoot.

Welcome Paper Queen! New followers are always welcome!