Sunday, January 15, 2012


Since it apparently is never going to actually be winter here in the Sunflower State, we decided to take advantage of the 60+ degree weather today and do a little hiking.

I remembered to bring my camera and took a crapload of photos.

I had some trouble deciding which one to post today.

So I asked BH to choose.

He had trouble and suggested I put it to FB for a vote.

None of the photos have gotten more than one vote so far, so I decided to post more than one shot today.

So here are the vote getters:

Now I put it to my 3 blog readers to give their two cents!


Shari said...

I vote for the first photo, although I think the hat/RR sign photo is very creative as well.

Anonymous said...

#1 is a nice artsy fartsy one.Although I would offset the building to the side of the tree.

The railroad one is also very nice. Nice visual force of angle to see something different.

Too many people use a plain standing perspective and then it looks like a standard snapshot.

Way to go on posting every day.

You might even get 3-4 new people to read your blog.

Missy said...

I actually have a shot of #1 where the building is to the right of the tree. I liked the sort of creepy effect I got shooting through the tree. Which surprised me because I don't typically appreciate creepy.

Posting every day hasn't been as difficult as I thought it might. There have been days where I nearly said screw it, but that is to be expected I suppose.

If I get 3 or 4 new readers then bonus!

Michelle said...

I vote for the first photo, but I also like the RR crossing signal, too!