Sunday, January 01, 2012

Project 365, or 366, Whichever YOU Prefer!

I decided this year, I will move forward with my goal to learn more about photography. I bought myself a lovely DSLR about a year and a half ago, and I don't know much more about the thing now than I did when I first got it. That is a shame and a waste.

So! A friend mentioned that he was going to partake in project 365 this year and I decided that would be an excellent way for me to get more out of this fancy camera I thought I needed so badly.

I decided to jump right in and took my first photo for the project last night a few minutes after midnight. This picture would be a pretty good example of typical photography for me.

I look forward to (hopefully) more interesting and better quality photos by this time next year!


Anonymous said...

From all two of us out in the cheap seats, this is a great idea.

What are you shooting? Nikon? Canon?

Missy said...

I am using a Nikon D3000. This was shot on AUTO. Try not to fall over from the amazing. My goal is to get out of auto and try some manual or other fancy settings.