Thursday, March 15, 2007

Go Missy! Go Missy! It's Your...


Yes dear reader(s) today is my (enter guess here)th birthday today.

I am not officially (enter guess here) until sometime this evening before 7.

I only know it is before 7 because my mother told me that West Side Story was on the evening I was born and she was determined to have me out before it started.

She made it apparently. This might explain my strong desire to be on stage.

Legend also has it that before being taken to the hospital she had to fix my grandmother's hair and then drive the two of them to my aunt's house so that my aunt could drive her to the hospital since my grandma did not drive.

There was much laughter all the way to the delivery room.

That might explain a few other things about me too.


The Girl in Black said...

Happy birthday! You don't have to be a day over 29 until the girls enter high school. Only then will you HAVE to turn 35.

Once they go to college, you can be 39 forever!

Ted Carter said...

Happy Xth Birthday, Missy!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Happy Birthday Missy! Turns out that you're an Ides of March baby? I'm the day before!

March truly is filled with birthdays, isn't it.

Hope you had a great one. I'd guess, but I'd base that guess on Valerie's age. I'm funny that way. : )