Monday, March 26, 2007

No title

I ain't got one in me tonight.

Man going back to work after being on vacation for a week sucks ass.

I really was meant to be a lady of leisure.

Not that my vacation was all that leisurely. We here at Chez Us were very productive once again.

Makes me wonder what I could accomplish if I was home all the time.

Not much I suppose. If I was home all the time I would not have the advantage of being motivated by a timeline like I am when I am home for just a week.

In other news...

My baby turns 6 at the end of the week. The party(s) are planned.

Somehow celebrating her birthday has turned in to a weekend long event. Not sure how that happened. But there is no changing it now. We have been getting the daily birthday countdown for two weeks now.

She has some good math skills.

Didn't get that from me.

Despite all my well planned birthday activities we still are lacking a gift for her. The reason why is a long we will just say that I have learned to book mark web pages that have potential gifts on them because despite my confidence in my abilities I apparently can not access those pages again no matter how many hours I spend with Google.

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