Friday, March 16, 2007

Just HRH for short

I had a lovely birthday yesterday.

Came home from work to find my honeys all showered and dressed to the nines.


Because #2 decided that they should, "Honor Mommy like a Queen on her birthday."

So exciting to see that all of my hard work and training has paid off.

I did feel queenly, had a delicious dinner with excellent company.

I was gifted with money and a fancy schmancy watch. (Fancy Schmancy is royal talk don't you know!)

Cake was eaten in my honor.

I was massaged one minute for every year of my life thus far by a handsome man.

Yup pretty queenly.


Not so queenly.

Actually the tarnish was beginning to show on the crown throughout the day yesterday, but I was determined to hold it off.

I tried to deny it all day today....I went to work stuck out the whole day...but the body don't lie. The body aches...sore throat....

Next thing I know I am taking my queenly self to the medic to have a not so queen-like q-tip shoved down my throat to find out that I have a royal case of strep throat.


Not the greatest way to start my week-long vacation. But I am in posession of antibiotics and will hopefully be on the mend tout suite.

However I think the best remedy for my poor raw throat is some left-over birthday ice-cream cake from Maggie Moos.

I feel better already!

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