Tuesday, March 13, 2007

@#$%&! Time Change

Let me tell you that today I could gleefully cause great bodily harm to whatever genius came up with the DST idea.

All you out there with young kids know what I am talking about.

The reality of this change seems to have really kicked in today for my young ones.

This morning I had to deal with MASSIVE grouchiness, whiny, fussy, and rude behavior because the children feel as though I am waking them at the ass crack of dawn.

This evening I am dealing with more grouchiness, whining, and fussing and THEY ARE STILL AWAKE AFTER BEING IN BED WITH LIGHTS OUT FOR AN HOUR.

Typically these kids are out a few minutes after the heads hit the pillow.

Of course I am dealing with this on top of my own tired grumpiness as I deal with getting back on schedule after the show coupled with the time change.

I don't see why we can't just stay on DST year round.

It would just be better for me and it is all about me after all.

Anyway it is when I am tired and grouchy.

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