Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Tiny Girl

Well #2 will officially be 6 years old in just under an hour.

Let me tell you, this time 6 years ago I was not a pleasant person.

Y'see #2 was two weeks early. Which in all honesty was FINE by me.

The reason I was upset was because I thought that I was not going to be going through the whole process of being in labor.

I had a c-section scheduled because #2 who started trying to be like her sister while still in the womb was in the breech position. Having already done the natural childbirth thing with one baby who was breech, an experience that did not go well and is by far the most terrifying experience of my life thus far.

Moving on...

I went through a procedure called an external version two days before #2 was born. If it had been successful they planned to immediately induce labor.

It was not, so I was ready to have my c-section thankyouverymuch.

The OB then informed me that they would schedule no c-section until 10 days prior to the due date.

Thus the beginnings of my unhappiness.

But I showed him.

Two days later... I find myself sitting on the couch and pop goes my water.

And Whammo... goes my labor process. Zero to God help Me in just a few minutes.

Apparently it takes a long time to get someone down to the OR when the c-section is not an emergency. For was three hours before they got me in there. Contractions were strong and just under 5 minutes apart on the way to the hospital, three hours later you can better believe I was nearing insanity, and ready to rip the nearest head off of the next person who tried to speak to me or made ridiculous comments like..."wow you are really having some strong contractions!"

Finally three hours and a spinal block later I was in a much better mood....things were even better when they handed over #2. I kept hollering at people to bring me that baby, I didn't care what kind of goo she had on her and they could bloody well weigh her later. We had a couple of dicey moments when I began to feel pain while they still had my innards out on the table and the anthestesiologist was failing to register my panic. But a shrill tone of voice and a nice morphine drip took care of that issue.

So let the celebrations continue. We have survived round one. Round two is tomorrow. Round three Sunday.

Did I mention that all cake for these fetes are chocolate with chocolate frosting? The ice cream....
chocolate of course!

She is after all her mother's daughter!

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