Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No More Shows for 60 months

#2 informed me last night as I helped her with a shower that she did not think I should do any more shows for at least 60 months. I told her that was 5 years and she changed her recommendation to 60 years.

Wonder what good parts there will be for a 90-something woman.

One more weekend to go. We had pretty consistently good performances all weekend and every show was sold out. Looks to be the same for this weekend as well. Country music sure sells 'round these parts.

Did I tell you about how I learned that apparently country music is popular with the young people these days? I had no idea.

We went to see a variety show at a local high school a few weeks ago and I was shocked at the number of students wailin' away singing country music songs. (Of course I kept looking around for something sharp to slit my wrists with because about the La-hast thing I wanted to do was listen to a bunch of high school girlies sing bad country songs through their noses, especially since it happened to be my ONE NIGHT off from country music...)

Now maybe I am getting prudish and uptight in my old age, but there was one performance that I decided was offensive to me.

A young lady got on stage and proceeded to sing what is apparently a very popular country song about (big surprise here) a woman who finds out her man has been cheating on her. Now what I found offensive was the chorus to this song which describes how she vandalized this man's car because he was cheating on her. Describes in great detail seat and tire slashing, keying, taking a baseball bat to headlights and all that mess. At first I thought...hmm this does not seem like the best choice for a high school talent show. I thought I was being an uptight parent, but then after more thought I decided that it wasn't as a parent that I was offended, but as a professional. I spend a lot of time talking about appropriate ways to express anger, and here is a very popular song promoting violence and young girl(s) are singing their hearts out to this song. Didn't set too well with me let me tell you. I know many of you are probably thinking that it is just a song and all that, but I have worked with enough kids to know that many take the messages in songs to heart. Maybe I am over reacting, but I really think it was inappropriate for the venue. I just wish people would give more thought to the messages given to our children.

We need to be more thoughtful.
End of Story.

Now it is time for me to pull that stick out of my ass and get to bed.
Can't sleep well when there are protrusions.

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