Saturday, April 14, 2007

No More Tiny Bubbles

Apparently Don Ho has gone on to that big luau in the sky.

I think that is all I have for celebrity news today.

Wait no...Prince William and his squeeze are no longer.

Now you can consider yourselves up to date.

What is new around chez us?

While at the place that I like to call..Hell shopping for Easter Dinner fare last Friday #1 asks me if Daddy and I sneak downstairs after she and her sister go to sleep to fill baskets and hide eggs.

I was in no way prepared to answer that question so I did the good ol' answer a question with a question... and replied "why do you ask?"

Apparently a friend of #2 let the bunny out of the basket and of course felt it her obligation to tell her older sister.

I put them off until we were on our way home.

Long story abbreviated...the secret is out now.

Of course this lead to questions about the Tooth Fairy. #1 said that the tooth fairy is real because I know the tooth fairy's phone number. #2's reply to that statement? "I think I know the tooth fairy's number too and proceeds to recite our phone number.

So that secret was revealed too. I was really sad about that because #2 has yet to loose a tooth and experience the excitement of the tooth fairy coming. Not that it will stop me from putting money under her pillow when it does happen.

Santa Claus however is still going strong. They are firm in their belief for that one.

I was really sad by their discovery, much in the way I was sad when we put away the last of #2's baby gear, as it is yet another step towards growing up. I have to say that it kind of killed my enthusiasm a bit when it came time to fill baskets, there were no carrots to eat and no note to answer. (My kids always leave notes for the Easter Bunny and Santa)

Funny but not surprising really if you know my children....#1 was much more keen to hang on the idea than #2. Neither was terribly upset about it, and in fact when I asked #2 later if she was sad they weren't real she gave me that "you are a crazy lady" look and asked me why would she be sad about that?

Because I am dammit!

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dan g said...

The missus had a flood-gates opening of all the myths as a child, resulting in this conversation with her dad:

"So Santa's not real?"
"And the Easter Bunny?"
"And the Tooth Fairy?"
"And God?"
"God's real."