Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Return of the cranky old lady

Did you hear about the 13 year old text messaging champion?

Now that is some ridiculous shit.

$25000. She won that huge load of money for text messaging.

Supposedly she sends something like 250 messages any day.

Good thing she won that money as in all likelihood she will need to buy some social skills if she is doing that much texting. It should pay for carpal tunnel surgery too.

Why does a child that age need a cell phone anyway?

Or better yet explain to me what my 9 year old daughter's best friend needs with a cell phone? She just called us on Friday from her brand new pink phone.

That is also some ridiculous shit.

Now I do not oppose cell phones like my good friend at Bald and Effective, in fact we soon will be land line free because AT&T pissed off Beloved for the last time very recently... but I sure as hell oppose them for young children. I do not plan to allow them for my children until they are driving, and GOD help them if I ever catch them talking while driving.

Crazy crazy crazy.

Makes me cranky.

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