Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Perhaps he could take Beloved's Public Speaking Class

Now I don't get political too often here at B.O. (hee hee, that is the first time I realized what the initials are for my blog! I will have to find ways to use that more often.)

As I was saying, I don't get political often and for good reasons that I have probably stated in some previous post.

Truthfully I don't plan to get too political this time either, but I have felt the need to discuss the person most Americans supposedly thought should lead our country according to the last presidential election.

In case you were wondering I do not count myself among those who thought he should lead the country.

Today I happened to be in my car on the way to lead a group, and as is my habit I had the radio turned to NPR.

Apparently the above mentioned person was having a news conference this morning.

Typically when he speaks I don't listen. The reasons are many and I won't go in to all of them here, save for the main reason I don't listen to him speak.

I honestly feel that this man has to go down as one of the WORST public speakers I have ever had the misfortune to hear.

It makes me crazy to listen to him stumble, stutter, pause awkwardly, mispronounce words (somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help him with the word nuclear. Let him know that it is not pronounced nookeelar. I AM BEGGING!) I feel embarassed for the man and I LOATHE feeling embarassed for others. This PERSON IS SUPPOSED TO BE OUR LEADER. How did a man who can not put together a decent statement ever get this job? It is my opinion that he should never open his mouth without a script in front of him and better yet, just do a Cyrano and let some one else speak while he moves his mouth making NO sound.

Why I chose to torture myself this morning I have no idea, maybe I needed to repent or something, but it was PAINFUL. I can't recall the last time I cringed so often while listening to the radio.

However........ despite my pain I do not look at the time as a total loss. It finally gave me something different to blog about.

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