Tuesday, December 11, 2007

#1 and #2 say, "BE PREPARED!"

We have had one or two power flashes today, which is not surprising given the amount of ice on the power lines and trees.

A short time ago we had a pretty good flash and that sent #1 and #2 into action.

They have prepared a pillowcase filled with things needed if the power should suddenly go out.

The pillowcase includes:

What is left of #1's blankie (literally a few scraps) loving placed in not one but TWO small boxes for safekeeping.
#2's infamous snowbear
Numerous flashlights
#1's 20 questions game

They asked to put snacks in there, but I was able to assure them that we would be able to find the food if the power went out.

Now...they are practicing getting the "power's out sack."

This involves them placing the pillowcase on the edge of our bed, one of them being in another room, yelling "Oh no! Power's Out!" Then they run and grab the bag on the go.

In case you were wondering #1 is an expert in the best way for this to happen and is offering detailed instruction on how #2 needs to 'Gracefully run to grab the bag", as well as helping her with her curve. #2 just assured us that we don't need to worry because she is going to save the world.

Good to know we are in such caring and expert hands.

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