Sunday, December 09, 2007


When I said that the skies could open up once I was done traveling this weekend I did not mean that the skies could dump up to an inch of ice. I was really looking for just enough wintry weather to maybe spark a snow day tomorrow...but that much ice we are talking snapped power lines and other assorted serious inconveniences.

Apparently that is what is in the plans beginning tomorrow evening.

I am trying to counteract that statement by being all prepared to hunker down in the even that we do get an inch of ice..groceries bought, flashlights, candles at the ready, replaced the sad tires on the car...

Because if we prepare then it won't happen, or at least it won't be as significant right??

Unless I have just undone what I was trying to counteract by making bold statements about it.

Crap?? How do I fix this??

Quick! I need a chant or sage to burn..something!

I guess at least an inch of ice is not as bad as 52 inches of snow out near Hatchet's neck of the woods!


Missy said...

That right there is the difference between Australian Missy and Midwest Missy.

Although we do have to stock up for cyclones sometimes.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Ooh! Cyclones! I'd like to see one at a safe distance one day....

Midwest Missy: never place weather requests. Mother Nature goes overboard and likes to show off.