Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I am a practicioner in the art of procrastination

I think I am gearing up to receive a Ph.D in procrastination.

What I should be doing right now:

  • Finishing my paper on infant and toddler mental health for my play therapy class
  • Making up assessements for the above mentioned class
  • Folding a basket of socks and unmentionables

What I am doing right now:

  • Farting around on the internets
  • Procrastinating through blogging

What is really dumb is that it won't take me all that long to do any of the tasks I should be doing, and I will feel so much better once they are done and over with. Of course now I won't get all three done because it is getting late and I need my beauty sleep and I will be tortured for another evening tomorrow because I have to have all this stuff done by Friday AM.

So what have I learned?

A lesson I know well...procrastination is stupid and I am always sorry when I engage in it.

OK. I think I can write my paper(s) now.

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