Thursday, December 27, 2007

Introducing Mittens the Wonder Kitten!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, or whatever holiday it is that you choose to celebrate.

Ours was pretty good. #1 was quite happy with her gifts and #2 was over the moon about her new best friend that she has decided to name Mittens.

Our Christmas was rather eventful. Mittens unfortunately sucumbed to a respiratory infection that was going around the humane shelter. We had to make a trip to the emergency vet Christmas day as she was not doing to0 well. Fortunately some antibiotics, force feeding special food and some water have helped her out and she is doing much better now. We were pretty worried. She is only about 6 weeks old, so illness is pretty scary this kitten was not moving around, nor was she eating or drinking. She was playful today, eating and drinking on her own so all should be well.

Mittens met the dog tonight and apparently thinks that she is a new toy, as there was much chasing of the dog's tail and batting at her very long and floppy ears. The dog was very patient and didn't so much as growl at the baby. I think it was because she was afraid of her. Mittens hasn't met the senior cat yet. We have to keep them separated until the illness has passed.

Now how about a picture of #2 and her new best friend?

Of course we need a close up of the cutie in all her snot-nosed glory!
Oh yeah! I got a present too! One of these.....

It is tiny! So amazing that something so tiny can do so much!

Now on to the New Year!

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Woman with a Hatchet said...

Nice kitty!

Yeah, upper resp infections are pretty much part of what you pay for when you get pets from the shelters. Every cat we've ever brought home has had one.

Cuuuute! And the kids are cute, too.