Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hottie of the week (Buck up Little Camper! edition)

I have always thought that this guy was more of a hottie than his popular (and naughty) older brother Rob.

Since Chad is having some rough times in the love department, I thought it might help if I gave him hottie of the week honors.

Because you know Babble On has HUGE readership and visibility.

(I am up to 176 profile views now! Woo Hoo! I am smokin'!)

So I present this week's Hottie....Chad Lowe.

I for one am still pulling for you and the missus.


the perfesser said...

I'm just pullin' for the missus.

Ted Carter said...

I'm sorry; what were we talking about? All I can think about is backless blue/purple dresses all of a sudden...

Ali said...

Oh Chad... Man, he is dreamy, huh?

Missy said...

Yup I have always found him to be much more attrractive than Rob.