Wednesday, February 01, 2006


# 2 is ill.


Today will mark our third trip to see the doctor in just slightly over one month's time.

The second trip in two weeks.

My guess is it will be the third diagnosis of a "viral" thing that we just have to ride out.

It will be the first time I break down in the doctors office, resorting to tearing at my clothing, beating my chest, shrieking, throwing office furniture, and holding the stethoscope hostage until they give me a remedy for this NEVER ENDING crap virus my chid is holding on to like it's the only rope keeping her from falling off a cliff.

That's all the stats I have for now.

Now fair readers I must leave you to prepare for the battle ahead.


Ted Carter said...

I think "It's a viral thing" is doctor speak for "haven't a clue and don't have time to ponder possibilities." Fight the good fight and get them to acutally think about what your child needs. You go, gir1!

Missy said...

We actually came a way with a non-viral diagnosis and TWO prescriptions. One which actually seems to have worked. Seriously the child was coughing all day with about 10 seconds between each cough, and crying most of the day because her throat hurt so badly. We got some antihistamine/decongestant/cough suppressant all in one prescription, which I gave to her as soon as we got home. Once it kicked in we had a nap and she has been able to go several minutes between coughs now that she is awake. Hallelujah. Now let the antibiotics do their job and we might be in business.