Friday, February 17, 2006

A weekend with no children..what to do..what to do!

#1 and #2 are off in lovely Jackson, Missouri with Grandma and Grandpa this weekend. Ma and Pa had to stay behind because Ma has a new job and can't take time off yet, and Pa has to conduct rehearsal on his day off.

So the Mr. and I find ourselves all alone for the weekend.

Whatever shall we do?

1. I will spend some time fretting because the children are away. While it is quite nice to have a long stretch of alone time with my beloved, I always miss my little sweeties when they are away. Also I have never gotten past the idea that no one else can take care of them as well as I can.

2. Eat dinner at restaurants the kids don't like. Tonight..Rosa's. Somehow I have managed to give birth to children who will not touch Mexican Food. I have no idea how this happened. If they did not bear a significant likeness to myself I would suspect that a switch occurred at the hospital.

3. Shop and browse for as long as I damn well please. I had a lovely jaunt with my Beloved through Bed, Bath, and Beyond AND Hobby Lobby. Picked up a few things for the new office space.

4. Go to the Nelson and who knows where else in KC tomorrow.

5. See a grownup movie.

6. I'm not tellin'.

Hope your weekend is lovely too!


Ali said...

Why aren't you telling? What could it be?!

jeff said...

I believe you refer to it as "hooji-booji."