Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Not much happening right now.

New job is going well, scheduled my first client today AND they showed up which is a good thing.

Had a headache for two days (not continuously both days thankfully) that is not a good thing.

My birthday is in a couple of weeks.

How do y'all like to celebrate your birthdays?

I tend to kind of ignore mine for the most part anymore. Mainly because it typically falls during production week of my beloved's spring play that he directs at the high school where he teaches so things are pretty busy at that point. AND #2's birthday is two weeks after mine so I am usually more caught up in planning a party for her as opposed to thinking up something for myself. I will get a bit of a break this year as it is the family (and friends we consider family) party for #2. I only do friend parties every other year, becuase I am an overachiever in this particular area they tend to be pretty labor intense, and I need recovery time.

So tell me! Tell me! If you don't do anything exciting then make something up!


Valerie said...

Missy, that whole every-other-year thing for New Year's and Birthdays is brilliant. I would never have thought of it in a million years.

Sometimes I'm too all or nothing.

The Girl in Black said...

No, embrace your birthday! It's a day all about you, and what you deem your minions should do for you.

Unless you share one with a coworker. Then you have to decide who gets which departments for their fan club.

I have to combo my birthday with the rockstar's. His is the day before mine. But the good part is that he always wants to go on a family getaway trip. And with his advancing age, he keeps forgetting which day is his birthday. So next year I'm claiming them both for me! : P

Tell your beloved and offspring that they must cater to your every whim and need that day. My work neighbor makes her almost full grown boys give her a kiss every time they walk by her, and I can only imagine what she demands from her husband. Dinner is what *you* want to eat, preferrably made in a restaurant by staff.

Channel your inner sweet potato queen, and have fun!

PS: I'd be more than happy to remind your beloved that girls LOVE a mani and pedi. Then he can commiserate with Ted about the abuse. Ha!

dan g said...

In college I dated a girl who shared my birth date. And doesn't that sound cute?

We turned 21 together in Stratford-Upon-Avon, and while we both put a good face on it, I think secretly we were both resenting each other for stealing our day. Plus we were in a country where it was already legal for us to drink. Boy, that relationship was doomed.

Ted Carter said...

I usually celebrate my birthday by chartering a bus and taking all of my close friends and family on a tour of the places where I've lived. We stop at each, and I present a PowerPoint presentation about my years at that particular abode. Then it's off to "Ted's Jobs; Then and Now," followed by "Places I've Made Out." Afterwards there is a brief quiz, and then a discussion.

Oh, and we have cake and open presents.

jeff said...

Does the brevity of the quiz have anything to do with the small number of places you have to show?

frey the beloved said...

Oh, what the hell? For your birthday this year, you may have TWO good behavior days.

Missy said...

For that I will shave a little heart above my girlie parts following the prescribed measurements of course.

Missy said...

Girl in Black..let me give you my beloved's e-mail address. I likes the way you think.

Ted Carter said...

Jeff - That hurts me.