Thursday, February 09, 2006


I made it.

After three weeks of overtime and immense stress, my time at my most recent job is over.

Hopefully I will soon recover regular sleeping patterns, and the persistent sense of anxiety will go away now.

How did I celebrate?

By going out to the theatre to see an "outrageous" farce with my beloved and our dear friends.

I got a kick ass slice of chocolate cake too!

Tomorrow begins my last long weekend until Memorial Day. I plan to take a nap and enjoy a few hours of work free solitude while both #1 and #2 are in school.

There will be no house cleaning.


I mean it.


hubby said...

No cleaning? crapweasel.

Missy said...


Ted Carter said...

Dude, Jeff, you had to buy her cake, you got no nookie, and there will be no cleaning. Guess this shows who wears the pants in your house, huh?

jeff said...

Ted, married couples aren't allowed to have "nookie" on Thursdays. It's against the law. In case you've forgotten, here are the rules (paraphrased from the US Marital Law Handbook rev. 5/27/04):

Friday and Saturday: one of these days is obligatory.

Sunday: subject to debate. If "nookie" was had on Friday AND Saturday, the answer is very likely no. If it was particularly awesome on Friday OR Saturday, Sunday is a real possibility; however either party may invoke the I've-got-to-get-up-and-go-to-work-tomorrow clause. If, for any reason "nookie" was not had on Friday or Saturday, Sunday is obligatory.

Monday: no.

Tuesday: subject to debate if the "nookie" was awesome on Friday or Saturday OR Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday: a remote possibility if either party is swayed by the "hump day" innuendo (see baldandeffective 11/30/05).

Thursday: no, however, preparations for the obligatory weekend "nookie" should be made.

I hope this has clarified any confusion you may have had.

Ted Carter said...

I will be sure to pass along these rules to my spouse...