Friday, March 03, 2006

Exercise Shmexercise

Beloved and I are very aware of the fact that we are not as fit as we once were or could be.

We have many discussions about the topic as we sit around consuming fast food, and while we engage in sedentary activities.

We own a treadmill, several exercise videos, a few weights, and all in the family have bicycles.

So we do not lack equipment.

What we lack is discipline and drive.

There are too many evenings that it seems so much easier to go out as opposed to cooking and cleaning. I personally will NEVER get up early to exercise. I am not a morning person, I never have been. Even as a small child my parents had to wake me up to do Christmas presents, my thought (and also what I screamed at my younger brother every year when he got every one up at 4 AM was that the gifts weren't going to be any different at 10 AM) it warn't me getting up at the ass crack of dawn for anything. As far as the evening goes....our time from arrival at home until bedtime is family time, errand time if we have to. After the kids are in bed at 8:30 we are tired. We are up and going all day starting no later than 6:30 AM. It sometimes seems like a long way to the treadmill or exercise video. Staying in bed with a book is much easier, and the computer is just a few short steps away, and you get to sit. Or lie in bed if using the laptop. As you can see we have many vaild excuses.

We go through periods of time when we are quite faithful to exercise on a regular basis. Those are followed up by usually longer periods of cheating and being unfaithful.

I am always so proud and feel so good when I have stuck to the routine for the week.


I realize that I have to do it again. And AGAIN, and AGAIN. This should be something I do regularly for life. It takes shine off the prize for me.

So we try to come up with motivational things like rewarding ourselves for every week we make the exercise goal. We generally have good success, but it can get expensive after a while and we stop out of consideration for the bank account. My most recent suggestion is a good naked look in the full length mirror. That is just depressing however.

So I don't know. There must be a solution out there, I just haven't found it.

Apparently a long, healthy life, increased energy and the knowledge that we are setting a good example for the children just isn't enough.

Maybe I need to self report on the blog.

That would be some exciting reading.


Gotta go. It is my turn on the treadmill.

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Ali said...

Any luck finding some time for yourself on weekends? Seriously, the only reason I get my ass to the gym is the fact that it's on the 2nd floor. (That, and the fact that I don't have children or a full-time job.) Maybe Saturdays and Sundays could be your time. And working out at home? Can't do it. There's something about actually GOING to the gym that makes me much more motivated than doing it at home. Too many distractions.