Thursday, March 30, 2006

My (sniff) Baby (sniff, SNIFF) is 5 today (Bwahhhhh!!)

#2 turns 5 years old today. 5 YEARS OLD!

This has been REALLY tough for me to accept.

As she is still attending pre-school I can still technically call her a pre-schooler. However, in a little over one month's time I won't even be able to say that. She will be a.. a...(GULP) Kindergartner.

I won't be calling her that until she walks through that classroom door, you can bet on that.

Meanwhile I must continue preparing myself for the last day of preschool. I have been preparing since her last day of preschool last school year. I only have about 8 weeks or so left to prepare.

Some of you are probably wondering what I could possibly be up to that is requiring so much preparation.

My refrain from being a complete and total blubbering mess that day. They always have a family sing along and show all these pictures of the kids from the school year while some sappy song plays. I have to say that things are not looking good for me. Not good at all. I am getting all teary now just thinking and writing about it.

So I suppose I should start coming up with my excuses, ploys to cover my crying, and plotting out quick escape routes from the preschool if things reach total crises.

I used to be rock before I had kids. Rarely had a crying spell. Immediately after giving birth to the first one the floodgates opened and I swear to God they have not shut since.


So Happy Birthday #2.

She is not officially 5 until 10:04 PM CST.

So I can pretend she is still my tiny little 4 year old for another hour and 8 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your little one! I know exactly what you are talking about with these milestones- I'm there with you. My little boy turns 5 on Easter. I don't think I'm ready for both my kiddos to be school-age. We'll have to support each other Mis! Good luck on keeping your emotions under control today- I'll be at my uncle's memorial in KC trying to do the same. K-la

Ted Carter said...

I cannot discuss this. I deny it is happening.

That is all.