Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I've been thinking

about taking up some kind of hobby.

Something creative-like.

Ideas I have had...


Yeah that is about as far as I have gotten. Nothing outlandish in that list, but I am ok with that. I am just looking for something different to do that is on the crafty side of things.

I will keep you posted as to my decision as I know that all three of you who read this blog will be beside yourselves with anticipation.

I am also open to ideas and suggestions.

Please know that I plan to virtually slap anyone who suggests underwater basket weaving.

'Cause it's my blog and I will virtual slap if I want too.

I seem to be getting a little cranky in my old age.


dan g said...

Would it be wrong of me to suggest this?

Ted Carter said...

Yes, Dan, it would.

There are lots of digital scrapbooking options you can look into; much less cost than actual scrapbooking, and you'd be able to share it with more people.

Just and idea!

Missy said...

Well Dan, that is a unique idea and one that I will have to give some thought to.

Glad I didn't open that link at work.

Anonymous said...

I really was going to suggest underwater basket weaving before I read that line in your blog- are you sure you don't want to try it? Poopie, please don't slap me..... again.

The Girl in Black said...

I am a hopelessly addicted scrapbooker. Plus I have a room set up and all the perfectly coordinated and new style line Creative Memories gear you could want. C'mon over!

Knitting I tried, but didn't stay with it. I'm just not as much of a sweater person anymore. Guess it's 'cause I just sweat too much, ha! Camille gave me a starter book and lots of needles. You are welcome to borrow those any time you want! That way, I'd feel a lot less guilty for not using them. : P