Saturday, March 04, 2006

Very Frightened Here!

Has anyone else gotten a pop-up ad that starts speaking to you without provocation?

I just did and it scared the poo right out of me.

On the positive side I apparently have won TWO I-Pod Nanos.

(Exercise update: 1 hour total on the treadmill and I cleaned house. Go Missy.)


Ali said...

Damn girl! Go!

I was reading that exercise isn't as important as changing your diet when it comes to weight loss. I just think it's so funny that the government keeps screaming at Americans about being obese but the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables is still sky-high.

Missy said...

I know! It is so much cheaper to eat crap than it is to eat a healthy diet. Back in the golden days when I was firt pregnant with #1 we ate an extremely healthy diet and had a MUCH higher grocery bill. Improving my diet is my next goal. It is a tough one too because I like and crave a lot of crap that I should not eat. For example the Taco Villa I had for lunch. Lunch kills me on a regular basis, because I am terrible about remembering to make a healthy lunch the night before and I never have time in the morning, which leads to eating some crap. I have a lot of leads to crap eating. What would probably be most effective would be for me to go have a physical and have the doctor threaten me or something. Will they do that?