Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hottie of the week (Long overdue edition)

I have been far too neglectful about my hottie posting.

But I am back today baby!

This week's hottie has a somewhat interesting criminal history, that tainted my admiration of him for awhile.

I got over it, and see no need to dwell on his unfortunate incident.

He is still darn cute, and his charming little stutter sets my heart aflutter.

So may I present this week's hottie......

Hugh Grant.


The Girl in Black said...

A winner for sure!

Don't believe Ted if he tries to say HG might be gay. I think he might be offended we haven't mentioned him lately.

Missy said...

Yeah, the thing is most of us girls just don't care if they are gay. Hot is hot regardless of your orientation.

Ali said...

See, the indescretion? Made him even hotter to me. Granted, going for side alley (or in this case, Sunset Boulevard) bjs is never a good idea, but I find his bad-boy rep a little hotsy. BUT ONLY AT A DISTANCE. If I was dating the guy?

Um, nah, he'd still be hot.

The Girl in Black said...

Ali's right!

And he'd be oh-so apologetic for embarrassing you! Think of all the lovin' you be able to milk him for.

Wait a minute, that didn't sound right...

Ted Carter said...

He's not gay; he's British. Wait, what's the difference, again?