Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Maybe I should offer memberships

My treadmill was looking a little lonely, so I decided to spend my birthday money on a new friend to add to the dungeon gym we are developing here at Chez Moi.

Today the UPS person brought my new recumbent bike!

My Beloved Husband..gem of guy he is, hurried to put it together before I got home from work.

I just finished my first go..and I love it!

It is pretty much silent, which is nice (I don't like loud and the treadmill with the TV...you can hear it clearly on the second floor and we have our "gym" set up in the basement) and the best part is that I can read comfortably while exercising which is very exciting to me. (I have trouble reading on the treadmill, too bouncy and we don't have good light overhead.)

For my first go round I biked for half an hour and according to the digital readout I was ranging between 10-12 MPH, biked the equivalent of 6 miles, and burned almost 400 calories. That was at the lowest resistance level.

They weren't lying about working your thighs, hips, and butt. Walking may be a challenge tomorrow.

The quest for fitness continues!


The Girl in Black said...

You go, girl! Just let the coworkers wonder why you can't walk tomorrow.

Ali said...

I loooove the bike. (Mostly for the reading ability, yes.) Damn woman, you're kicking my ass with the working out! (So much blog reading to do... I can work out tomorrow...)