Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Why didn't someone stop me?


I totally need some sort of painful electric shock administered to my ass when I go out to a good restaurant that stops me from eating once I have reached capacity.

I think that would be a great thing for restaurants. "Smoking, non-smoking, or ass-shock section?"

That is all I am saying for now. I gotta get out of these jeans and lay down. It makes the overindulgence pooch look smaller, and need I even mention the comfort factor?

Help me.


Ali said...

Where'd you go where'd you go? I love hearing about what people eat.

Missy said...

Johnny Carino's. I had the Chicken Diavolo, which was a very tasty marinated chicken breast, pasta with a spicy marinara sauce, and grilled veggies. I also had a salad. Oh yeah, they give you these little loaves of bread (and they assume you will share, crazy people) there was a very yummy olive oil infused with basil and roasted garlic to dip your bread in. THEN I came home and had ice cream cake from Maggie Moo's. It was overindulgence at it's finest.

Ali said...

Oh my god, that sounds so good. I love food.