Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Free At Last

This morning as I walked out the door to take the chiddlers (read the BFG by Roald Dahl if you don't get this reference) to school.

What do you think I saw?

My college frat boy neighbors out on their porch along with what looked to be furniture.

What do you think they said to me?

"We're moving out!"

What do you think I did?

Launched into a super powered happy dance in the middle of our front "lawn?" (I put that in quotes because it is a bit of a stretch to call what we have a lawn seeing as how there is little grass but an abundance of clover and assorted weeds.)

No! I did not..though the temptation was strong.

Make some marginally clever quip about them deciding to sleep on the porch from now on?

Yes. Unfortunately yes.

I was trying not to show too much glee and I am not at my most clever in the morning, so I settled for lame.

But still they're gone! They are gone!

No more screaming drunk sorority girls yanking me out of a sound sleep in the wee hours of the morning.

No more stray liquor bottles drifting in to my front yard.

No more feeling like an old curmudgeon because those damn kids are keeping me up with their stinkin' jungle music, drinkin', and weird chanting. (Yes it is true chanting. Swear to God.)

Now...we wait to see who will inhabit the place next. I keep hoping to see a real estate sign, but rumor has it the owners have too much money in the house and they can't sell it at the price they need to get out of it.

I may have a conniption if one more set of college boys inhabit that house.

So, if any of you out there would like to rent a large house here in T-town let me know. I am happy to do some leg work to get the particulars for you. Nice neighborhood. Lots of trees and older houses with good character. Mainly young families with children and old people live around here. Good active neighborhood association (not the snooty kind that involves dues or anything like that.)

Let me know.

After two years Momma is ready for some quiet.

Peace In!

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