Friday, May 19, 2006

Now I am starting to feel for the girl

If they were getting silly before now it is ridiculous.

I want to hear from the parent who at some point during the "carrying years" has not fallen, tripped, or inadvertently hurt or nearly hurt their child while carrying them at some point, or while doing anything? Good lord help us if the girl slips with the nail clippers while trimming his nails, or if he scratches himself becuase she didn't out of fear of hurting him.

Ya won't see me cheering for Ms. Spears...well hardly ever.

But enough is enough already.

The girl is going to be so damn jumpy she really will hurt him.


jLow said...

I agree with you - also, why is NO ONE stating the obvious in all this?!! I would be a flippin basket case, too, if the stalkarazzi were all over me and my little one every time we went out in public!

Ted Carter said...

My favorite was the time I threw child #1 halfway down the stairs onto a pillow to avoid landing on her as I fell down said stairs. Good times.