Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Oh My God Y'all!

Ms. Spears is pregnant with #2.

Needing a back up in case they remove #1 from her care?

(OOoh! That was a teeny bit mean of me!)

I will give her some small measure of sympathy, as my worst nightmare after having my first child was that I would become pregnant again before she was out of diapers.

Of course that is because it would have just been me and beloved providing care for home and babies. Somehow I doubt Ms. Spears has to keep up her big ol' house all by her lonesome.


Valerie said...

That poor girl. I can't even imagine what her hormones are doing right now.

Of course maybe this is the way her people have alwasy done it?

Missy said...

Well she is 26 years old, which is way past the time she should be having children. I think her people start popping them out at age 12 or something like that?

Ali said...

Man, her husband has some powerful sperm! Isn't this like his 8th kid or something?