Monday, May 29, 2006

Oh yeah!

Since school is out, I really think we need to step up the campaign to get my beloved to start up his own blog.

Pestering him to death here at Chez Us does not seem to be working very well. I can't imagine why.

Maybe I should invoke "the promise." (SPQ fans will know what I am talking about.)

It has worked before.....

You all need to put the pressure on too.

Get to work!


Ali said...

I just want him to start his own blog so's I can stop thinking that every weird email/blog entry I receive is some brilliantly dastardly gift from him.

Plus it'd be funny.

Ted Carter said...

But can he handle the pressure? Having a blog is a lot of responsibility. And you know what they say; with great responsibility comes great power. Or something like that...

The Girl in Black said...

Ooh! "The promise". No man can resist it!

Here ya go... Promise him one of "those" for every blog entry he provides.

The contract can, of course, also stipulate a minimum post length. Or said contract can, of course, be renegotiated in the future... should his blog entries not remain consistent with the quality of "the promise".

Tee hee! I'm interested to see how long it takes him to come around to your way of thinking. Oops, a pun!

Missy said...

Ali- Never think that a blog would keep my beloved from continuing his dastardly deeds. I don't think he could give it up.

Think about how he goes about playing Heroclix and then ask if he can handle it!

I'll keep you posted about how things are coming. Er..along.